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Currently Enrolling Clinical Trials

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Healthy Adults Ages 65-85 for Clostridium Difficile (C. diff) Vaccine
• 7 month study with 4 office visits for healthy people age 65-85

Long-Acting Biosimilar Insulin Study for Type 1 Diabetes
• Up to 1 year study with up to 13 office visits

Low Testosterone with High Cardiovascular Risk
• Up to 5 year study

Diabetes and Kidney Disease
• Multi-year study with 4 visits per year after first year for people with decreased kidney function

• 4 month study with 8 office visits currently taking a daily maintenance inhaler

Vaccine for Clostridium difficile for people at high risk of hospitalization
• Multi-year study for people that are have recently been hospitalized, have >10 healthcare visits in 1 year, OR have received antibiotics in last 3 months


Pneumococcal Vaccine for Healthy Adults-   Dec 2018